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Should i use PHP for my project?

  • Symfony is both a PHP framework for building web applications and a set of reusable PHP components and libraries. It was first released in October of 2005. It aims to reduce the time required for creation and maintenance, and the amount of repetitive coding tasks for web applications to a minimum.
  • Symfony's main target are robust enterprise-level applications. It gives full control over configuration and allows for almost complete customization. It comes bundled with testing, debugging, and documenting tools, so as to be immediately applicable in an enterprise context.
  • There are many projects using Symfony, including other frameworks, that use Symfony components. Some of the better known are Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, but Symfony also runs the European Space Software Repository maintained by the European Space Agency. The Symfony project itself has over 2000 contributors, more than 300,000 developers, and exceeds 29 million monthly downloads.
  • Symfony is supported by SensioLabs, a company with over 13 years of web development experience, along with its several-thousand-strong community.


  • Symfony is supported by SensioLabs, a company with over 13 years of web development experience, along with its several-thousand-strong commun
  • Symfony incorporates several PHP open-source projects, like:
  • - Twig for templating, etc.
  • The upcoming (in November 2017, supported until November 2020) LTS release, i.e. v3.4, is built on PHP >= v5.5.9, as have been all the versions since v2.7, which was released in May 2015 and is currently the oldest still-supported LTS—until May 2018. The current LTS is v2.8 from November 2015 with support until November 2018.
  • Symfony has a strong code generation support, which allows for a quick start with a pre-generated application with CRUD.
  • Conclusion

    • With its generators, up-to-date PHP features, and general development mentality of making development as pain-free as possible for developers, all on top of a robust, tried and true enterprise-level tooling, Symfony is a perfect candidate for just about any serious project. If you are still unsure, however, contact us, and our Symfony experts will be happy to clear any lingering doubts you may have.