• PHP Developer (Openings)

    Some of the qualities we look for:

    1. PHP 5: strong OOP, software design pattern, 2+ years programming experience with PHP/ MySQL, strong understanding of web stack MySQL.

    2. Experience with: CodeIgniter or Symfony 2, Doctrine.

    3. Experience in related technologies: memcached, Redis confident Linux user.

    4. JS: jQuery, DataTable, JS Charts, Google maps git.

    5. Kanban or Scrum.

    6. Motivated in personal development.

    7. Fluent english.

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    Graphic Designer (Openings)

    Some of the qualities we look for:

    1. The candidate must be holding Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, illustrator & corel draw, PowerPoint etc…

    2. The candidate should have keen eyes in graphic design trends or latest technologies.

    3. Should be able to create website design wireframes in a calculation to every pixel.

    4. The candidate should be capable of plans concept by studying information and materials.

    5. Research best design techniques to create the website design.

    6. Ensure compliance with company guidelines, deadlines & design standards.

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    Angular Developer (Openings)


    1. The person must be responsible for bringing a complete front-end application.

    2. The candidate should have the ability to visualize innovative concepts & map the underlying technology.

    3. Should be familiar to onshore & offshore working terms.

    4. Should have worked on HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, bootstrap, JQuery

    5. Develops Project Schedules, produces project reports & documentation.

    6. Cooperating with the back-end developers in the process of building the Restful API.

    Skills and Qualifications

    1. Core web fundamentals: HTML, JavaScript & CSS.

    2. Creating custom, general use modules & components which extend the elements & modules of core Angularjs.

    3. Experience developing web applications using Angularjs/2/4/5

    4. Creating self-contained, reusable, testable modules & Components.

    5. Performs other duties & responsibilities.

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    React Developer (Openings)

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. End to End development of Platform Component in React.

    2. Ownership of front-end development for customer-facing dashboard, and translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.

    3. Bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation confident Linux user.

    4. Supports Integration.

    5. SEO development.

    6. Accessibility and Analytics.

    7. fluent english.

    Required Skills

    1. React JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript (Must have).

    2. Good to have experience in Angular js, Nodejs, Mongodb.

    3. Experience of creating responsive web application.

    4. Hands on experience with UI integration with REST services.

    5. Good Communication skills.

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  • Do to learn.
    Learn to innovate.

    Innovate to excel.

    We hire people based on the ability to continuously evolve themselves within the company & to work as a team. Our domain expertise will help them in-depth to understand the concepts & fit them into the best deserving role & hierarchy’s .

    We hire individuals in light of the capacity to persistently advance themselves inside the organization and to fill in as a group. Our domain expertise will help them to understand the ideas and fit them into the best deserving role and chain of commands.

    Flat hierarchy

    We employ individuals in view of the vibe and state of mind they convey with them. When they get into the group, pioneers will just guide the best approach to fit them into the best meriting part and chain of importance's play is over appropriate here.


    Our custom software development company provide full guidance to all individuals who are willing to work as a team with us. Our team leaders motivate the participants to apply their learning in the workplace in a way to reinforce our clients to meet their respected business goals.

    Some of the qualities we look for:

    1. Team oriented: making the most out of collaborations.
    2. Flexible: adapting in a meaningful way.
    3. Self-motivated: working effectively with little direction of the project managers.
    4. Determination & persistence to encourage obstacles in the workplace
    5. Limber to work on different / diverse projects.

  • Benefits

    Apart from learning there are a lot more to feel excited. We feel happy and proud in preparing our employees as thorough professionals who are ready for any challenge, both personal and professional.

    Training and support

    We invite extraordinary personalities as well as change them into declare world class experts.


    Work while you work, play while you play, we mix up both for you to have a dazzling office remain.


    Festivities will turn into a fundamental piece of your life as we never miss an event to celebrate.


    At Contus there is no space for inclination. Each particle of your commitment will be perceived and compensated.