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Should i use PHP for my project

  • Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for building web applications, initially released in June 2011. The current stable release is v5.4.22 with v5.4 having been released in January 2017. Laravel has been considered one of the most popular PHP frameworks since early 2015, putting it in direct competition with Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii2, etc.
  • The next LTS version 5.5 is expected to arrive in mid- to late summer 2017, with the current LTS v 5.1 being 2 years old already. Generally, LTS releases guarantee 2 years of bug fixes and 3 years of security fixes. General releases provide 6 months of bug fixes and 1 year for security fixes.
  • Laravel places extremely high value on rapid development. Some of the best examples of that are Laravel Scout, a full-text search for Eloquent, complete with pagination and automatic indexing, Laravel Echo, which gives you the option to use WebSockets without having to go into implementation details, and Laravel Passport, which can help you setup an OAuth2 server in minutes.


  • - Since v3, Laravel provides a modular package system, which was made even more powerful in Laravel 4 with integration of Composer as the dependency manager.
  • - Laravel includes Eloquent ORM, an advanced implementation of the active record pattern.
  • - Laravel includes the Blade templating engine.
  • - Homestead, the Vagrant virtual machine, provides "Laravel Development Out of the Box".
  • - Artisan CLI, a command-line utility for generating boilerplate code for controllers and migrations, managing database migrations and seeding, publishing package assets, etc.
  • Conclusion

    • Laravel is a framework that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding project. With its flexible yet reliable architecture, it will scale with your needs and provide for your users for years to come. And if you need someone to help you build that application, let us know—our Laravel experts will be more than happy to jump in there!