On Click is a development company of motivated ExpressJS developers, programmers, engineers and coders from around the world. We provide our top freelance ExpressJS developers to help companies scale their development teams.

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We’ve built partnerships with leading brands that have lasted nearly a decade thanksto level of care & attention we provide.

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What is Express?

Express provides a minimal interface to build our applications. It provides us the tools that are required to build our app. It is flexible as there are numerous modules available on npm, which can be directly plugged into Express..

Express was developed by TJ Holowaychuk and is maintained by the Node.js foundation and numerous open source contributors.

Why Express?

Unlike its competitors like Rails and Django, which have an opinionated way of building applications, Express has no "best way" to do something. It is very flexible and pluggable.


Pug (earlier known as Jade) is a terse language for writing HTML templates. It

- Produces HTML

- upports dynamic code

- Supports reusability (DRY

It is one of the most popular template language used with Express.