A Front-end web developer uses his software skills to act as a bridge between web designer and back-end developers. He integrates the web design and back-end information and systems in such a way that the user of a website can interact effectively retrieving the information he needs or interacts with the website for his benefit.

The front-end developers uses HTML, CSS and JAVA script for a website to enable the user to easily read and retrieve the information that is relevant to him with a minimum of browsing time and in a user-friendly manner.

The front-end developer’s job has become more challenging as his skills are to be adapted to rapidly changing the environment where PC’s and Laptops are being replaced by mobile phones for user interface with the websites.

Thus, cross-device, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible front-end applications will be more technologically effective. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) for example, helps front-end developers to make the website more user-friendly by making the input trigger the basis of output. For example, if a mobile phone is used to access the website it will give an output of appropriate resolution and size to be adapted to a mobile screen and if the access is by a laptop the necessary changes are triggered for appropriate output on a laptop screen.

A front-end developer is a most important link in a website development to make the entire system useful for the people who access the website.

Great Ivan stated once:

“Front-end development is like an ocean. You happen to have a ship, but no map. First learn the shallow waters and then go deep”

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